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Do you have an auction company or do you need an auction software to make your client’s bids management easier and more transparent, saving time (and money)?

Make auctions in a top way.

Starting at 120€ / month

Software Caractheristics

  1. Easy bidding
  2. Auction limit time
  3. Last bids management
  4. Winner selection and notification

Why did we built it?

Some of our clients make auctions on a regular basis and, sometimes, multiple auctions at a time. And managing it without a software would be a big investment in human resources and time.

The software has a lot of automation, with processes, like bidding and managing the auctions, in a semi autonomous way. This allows you to manage multiple auctions of a time, only you or with a small team.

Make profissional auctions, from your website or webapp

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What We Do?

Software Carctheristics:

Easy to use interface

Access to statistics


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Yearly (Save 30%)

Premium Plan

$ 19 /mo
$ 199 /y
  • 5 Projects
  • 100K API Access
  • 200MB Storage
  • Weekly Reports
  • 7/24 Support

Corporate Plan

$ 49 /mo
$ 499 /y
  • 5 Projects
  • 100K API Access
  • 200MB Storage
  • Weekly Reports
  • 7/24 Support