MLM Software for
products (Multi Level Marketing)

Manage network commissions, at different levels, in a simple and effective way with our MLM software

  • Unilevel, Binary and Trinary modes
  • Sales commissions distributed at different levels
  • Real-time network earnings view
  • Various commission distribution configuration options
MLM System Management

All you need to manage your MLM project easily and effectively

MLM different setups

Define rewarding system. We currently have the options: Unilevel, Binary, Trinary, and direct.

Affiliation Link

Each affiliate will be assigned a link that allows him to invite people, earn comissions , and have it's network inside MLM.

Control nodes and systems

Full control over system and it's nodes

Comissions Management

Define rewarding system and view comissions for all users: user, sponsor, different levels affiliates .

Products Management

Add and remove products, set prices, points and MLM ideas for each product.

Points and money wallets

Allow the client to view the wallet and the options to use it, making the process more effective.

Real Time Business Vision

the fact that is all online allows you to have a complete business view and know it's growth.

Withdrawl requests management

Receive and approve withdrawls requests, in order to keep the information organized (even if, as in this case, all payments have to be manual.)

System and User Management

Manage users and system configurations according to preferences.
MLM Software Reward Systems

Our MLM software supports the following systems

You can choose one or more or the following systems to reward the people that are part of the  MLM product.

Unilevel MLM software

A software that allows you to have unlimited vertical nodes and reward sponsors up to ten levels.

Binary MLM Software

A MLM software where you have only two direct affiliates under each node, with maximum earning value and flush system.

Trinary MLM Software

A MLM software where you have three direct affiliates under each node, with maximum earning value and flush system.

If you don't see an answer to your question, you can send us an email from our contact form.

Affiliate number is unlimited. However, there are some limitations by node, depending on the mode you've chosen and  and your options. The unilevel has no limits of affiliates each user can have, and reward depth go up to ten levels.

Binary is, per definition, limited to two direct per node, which gives its tree branch aspect with the rewards being destribuited through all the nodes on that network branch and it comes with a flush system. However, you can set the maximum value that nodes can get.

Client, sponsor, network member. A registered user can by a product and be a client. Or refer someone with a link, and be this person sponsor. He can also choose to be a network member and have bigger rewards with this.

Yes. Contact us to schedule your presentation.

Since we use a virtual points system, user will have two wallets. One for virtual points and other for monetary gains. He can use virtual points or money to buy our products. Money can also be withdrawn from the platform, and user can place a withdrawl order in the system. If accepted, user is paid through offline modes, but the balance is updated and in real time.

No. Being in MLM system is optional. You automatically get and affiliate link you can use. If someaone buys something in our store, with that affialiate link, you'll get a sponsor bonus, but you'll not be in MLM system. To do so, you have to choose some options, and follow the guidelines that indicate how it should be done.

The bonus are definined by the admin.

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